Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Berry Tree

I joined this program recently called The Berry Tree. I am a member of AutomaticBuilder, and Nutronix the founder of AutomaticBuilder created The Berry Tree. This system is patent pending and completely unique. You can earn $1336 residual income every month just by relying on company advertising. You don't have to do a thing. If you choose to enroll people yourself, you will be in line for some huge bonuses. I've got a couple of links below that will provide much more information. Hope to see you on board soon.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Automatic Builder

Automatic Builder

Well tonight I decided to go with my gut instinct and join Automatic Builder. What is it you say? Well its an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business opportunity. In my opinion though Automatic Builder separates itself from any other MLM I have ever seen. Automatic Builder allows anyone to make profit. You don't have to be a marketing guru or some sort of professional network marketer. Automatic Builder is built around a 6 year old debt free company calle Nutronix. They sell health supplements.

I have to say that I feel really good about Automatic Builder. There is a real chance for some great residual income coming from this opportunity. I talked to several of my Automatic Builder team members as well as my sponsor last night on the phone, and I have to say that these are some super people. I have some great network marketers in my upline as well. The team works hard so that everyone can make lots of money residually with Automatic Builder. If you would like more information on Automatic Builder, feel free to check it out at the link below and take the tour. If you want to work with a great team of great friendly people who want to help you, check out the site.

Automatic Builder

Latest News!!

Sorry for the long delay. I have been busy working on some other projects as well as checking out some of the new hot shot marketing products to hit the net. One being Day Job Killer. I have read this ebook over a couple of different times and have came to a conclusion on it. What is it? I will let you know in a full review that I post in the next couple of days.